High Vacuum Grease


Applications: Glass joints, stop cocks, plug valves control valves, seals and gaskets, rubber/synthetic ‘O’ rings, threaded connections in instruments working under vacuum, Protective coating of overhead high voltage line insulators, cable connections.


A very high quality silicone based grease that is chemically inert and thus useful in chemical processing equipment under high temperature and pressure conditions. It can also be used as a releasing agent with plastics and other polymers. It has very good di-elctrical properties over and above extreme water repellency due to which it prevents electrical shocks and hence it is widely used in electrical switch gears and components.  It has the following features:


-       Consistent performance over wide temperature range

-       Excellent sealing ability

-       Capability of withstanding high and negative pressures

-       Highly water resistant

-       Good Di-electrical Strength

-       High dropping point

-       Low volatility

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