Leaded Extreme Pressure Grease


Applications: Plain / anti-friction bearings in heavy load carrying automotive equipment, earth moving equipment, gear couplings, electric motors, mining equipment, cold-rolling mills, general industrial machinery etc.


This lithium and lead based grease are able to effectively prevent cohesion and welding of heavy duty metallic surfaces in extreme pressure environments, enabling smooth functioning throughout, while having other important properties such as

-       Excellent shear stability

-       High load carrying capacity

-       High oxidation stability

-       Anti-rust / anti-corrosion

-       Water washout resistance

** NLGI-3 grade EPL-3 Greases can be made against specific orders.

Performance Levels: As per IPSS: 1-09-005

Industries:  Steel millsPaper mills,  MiningHeavy MachineryMetal WorkingConstruction


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