Calcium Sulphonate Grease


Applications: High temperature applications in steel plants, cold-rolling mills, paper and textile mills, mining industries, sponge iron facilities, automotive applications such as chassis, ball joints, universal joints, wheel bearings, rolling bearings etc. of heavily loaded vehicles, defense equipment working in extreme conditions.


An excellent quality Calcium sulphonate complex soap based grease with inherent Extreme Pressure capabilities, it also has

-       Good oxidation resistance

-       Excellent ability to withstand high temperature

-       Excellent ability to perform where there is water ingress, even with high load and temperature, most suitable in applications like paper and textile mills, steel mills, Cold Rolling Mills, etc.

** Can also be made with suitable Molybdenum content for higher load bearing ability and reduction in wear

Industries:  Steel millsPaper millsMiningHeavy MachineryMetal Working

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