Company Profile

Petrochem Industries is managed and run by a close-knit family of partners:

Mr. Rajnikant Mehta has been with Petrochem Industries since the very beginning. With a background in Science, he has acquired and disseminated a great depth of knowledge and experience in the grease developing and manufacturing fields over the last 50+ years.  His grasp on the industrial and commercial network for all grease and lubricant affiliates is an invaluable asset.


Mr. Sunil Mehta, with his background in Chemical Engineering, is the driving force of Petrochem Industries. With Petrochem Industries since 1981, he has been responsible for bringing about various technological upgrades. He has also traveled to and worked in Germany and the United States. With a very strong focus on quality control, he has been instrumental in setting up the new plant at Palghar from scratch, having fully customized each and every aspect of the plant’s design and functionality.


Mr. Satyen Mody, having completed his Management studies, handles the administration aspects of the business. He has been with Petrochem Industries since 1993. He has been actively involved behind the modernization efforts with the new plant.



Mr. Siddharth Mehta joined Petrochem Industries in 2011, and will be looking over new product development and marketing aspects. With his interdisciplinary background, he brings forth a fresh perspective and breadth to the business.