What We Do

Petrochem Industries has been involved in manufacturing superior quality greases and lubricants since 1961. Using the right kind of lubricant can enhance functioning and extend the life of mechanical parts and components. A little basic lubrication related knowledge will enable the usage of the right grade and type of lubricant for a given purpose. This can help ensure smoother operations and help save lots of money in the long run. For this purpose, we have engineered a variety of grades and types of lubricants, each suited for specific tasks and applications. Depending on your needs, certain greases can be customized with the desired consistency (NLGI grades), operating temperature range and other properties. Here are some of the various classes of products that we currently manufacture:



Automotive:  Soda based wheel-bearing grease, Lime based chassis grease, Lithium based All Purpose Grease, Graphite grease etc.

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Industrial: Lithium based EP (extreme pressure) grease, Lithium complex grease, Calcium Sulfonate complex grease, Clay based non-melt high temperature grease, Moly-greases, Lithium-Calcium based water resistant grease, greases for centralized lubrication systems, steel-mill greases, rolling-mill greases etc.

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Specialty: Silicone greases for different applications (HVG, for instance), anti-seize compounds and pastes, thread compounds etc.

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Custom-engineering: This is one of our most innovative services. We can manufacture a lubricant that is specially suited to your own technical requirements. For this, when you let us know the purpose / application, along with required technical specifications, we will engineer and develop a product that will not only satisfy but supersede your needs.

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